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Our Mission

The mission of ABN is two fold:

(a) to present the matchless beauty and love of Jesus to those who do not know Him and,

(b) to equip Jesus’ disciples to live in the light and be that light in dark places.


How we will achieve this mission

ABN will achieve this twin mission by presenting programs that invite people who are enslaved by the shackles of sin or living in spiritual darkness into the marvellous light and liberty that Jesus provides. 

The programs also include equipping modules to educate Christ-followers in the Word and instill a love for and experience the power in God’s Word.

ABN’s programs are geared to reach a vast array of multiculturally and multi-generationally diverse groups, especially in the 10/40 window Nations. 


Please join us in prayer as we seek: 

1.  To lead people from different tribes, languages, and nations to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ by presenting life-transforming testimonies, encouraging sermons, and soul-refreshing worship songs.

2.  To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that turns non-Christians and new converts into true disciples and passionate worshippers of the living God

3.  To encourage and equip Christians into mature and fruitful leaders, who will, in turn, go into the rest of the world and reach others for Christ. 


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